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About Foodinos

Foodinos is here to serve you fresh and healthy meal! Foodinos food delivery app & website allows you to choose and order delicious meal over just a few taps.


Fresh ingredients

We care you so we use only fresh ingredients, the more fresh the ingredients are the more delicious your food   will be!

Meal Variety

We have different food options in our menu so you can choose a variety of food from our menu, we categories our menu so you can choose and make a hassle free order.

Superfast Delivery Time

We believe in hot and fresh serving, so we always try to delivery our order on time, we promish you to deliver food in 45 minute within 5 km of radius!

Bulk Food Order Discounts

Fill our event order form and let us know the about your event, we'll take care of your food order and delivery,
you 'll get also a  special discount from ourside if you order in bulk.

Convenient Payment Option

We support COD and online payment so you can choose any of option for payment